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SpeedCubers-3D Rubik's Puzzles app icon

SpeedCubers-3D Rubik's Puzzles

  • 31.33 MB
  • Cliqurs Labs
  • Free

SpeedCubers-3D Rubik's Puzzles android app download. SpeedCubers is the coolest Rubik's puzzle simulator app you can find on Google Play. This FREE app comes with a variety of exo...

Rating: star 4
Type: Puzzle
App ID: com.cliqurs.speedcubers
Version: 2.9

SpeedCubers-3D Rubik's Puzzles android app
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SpeedCube Timer

  • 2.16 MB
  • Droid-Appz.Com
  • Free

Free speedcube timer pro android app download. *** This app is for people who solve Rubik's cubes for speed. If this is not something you do then don't download this app...

Rating: star 4.5
Type: Entertainment
App ID: com.h3ss.speedcube
Version: 1.8.7-3

SpeedCube Timer android app
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SpeedCube Timer Free (Rubiks) app icon

SpeedCube Timer Free (Rubiks)

  • 820.29KB
  • Jumpsquares
  • Free

Robust Rubik's Cube Timer. This app is designed for those who want to time and keep track of their Rubik's Cube (and other...

Speedcuber Timer app icon

Speedcuber Timer

  • 23.06 MB
  • Isac Van Dunem
  • Free

Speedcuber Timer is a clock timer for the speedcubing comunity.You can have solve times for every different cube you own and compa...

Speedcuber's Desk Reference app icon

Speedcuber's Desk Reference

  • 3.62 MB
  • Parity 21
  • Free

For experts and beginners!Access over 100 algorithms with the click of a button or convert your own to minimize re-grips. Convert ...

Speedcubing Timer app icon

Speedcubing Timer

  • 1.15 MB
  • Alvis Software
  • Free

Speedcubing Timer is a free and light-weighted cube timer. It is a tool that allows you to record your speedcubing times. It is de...

SpeedCubing Timer app icon

SpeedCubing Timer

  • 65.61KB
  • Patrick Rathmann
  • Free

A simple but efficient speedcubing timer to take and manage times on the go or to quickly get a scramble code for a duel ;)

SpeedCube Toolkit app icon

SpeedCube Toolkit

  • 2.88 MB
  • Isinginc
  • Free

SpeedCube Toolkit is an all in one toolkit for any speedcuber or solver of Rubiks Cube. This toolkit supports cubes of different s...

hueTimer - Speedcubing Timer app icon

hueTimer - Speedcubing Timer

  • 429.43KB
  • BoaMesmo
  • Free

O timer:- marca o tempo (com ou sem inspeção da WCA);- grava todos os tempos feitos;- exclui tempo específico ou exclui todos os t...

Speedcube Timer app icon

Speedcube Timer

  • 162.47KB
  • j89789
  • Free

The basic features are:- Time history with average of 5, 12 and all- Inspection time of 15 seconds- Scramble for a 2x2, 2x2, 4x4 c...