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SoundTeethFree: Audio Notes app icon

SoundTeethFree: Audio Notes

  • 629.33KB
  • nonagon
  • Free

SoundTeethFree: Audio Notes android app download. SoundTeeth is an audio recording application that gives you the power to retroactively record important "sound bites" af...

Rating: star 1
Type: Tools
App ID: murray.toolbox.soundteethfree
Version: 1.0

SoundTeethFree: Audio Notes android app
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Sound Tools (SPL Sound Meter) app icon

Sound Tools (SPL Sound Meter)

  • 896.34KB
  • Peco Stanoev
  • Free

Free sound meter free android app download. Hobby sound pressure meter (SPL) for your device!It has cool analog VU meter and oscilloscope. It can be used to verify if sound i...

Rating: star 4
Type: Tools
App ID: stanoev.peco.android.soundtools.free
Version: 1.3.2

Sound Tools (SPL Sound Meter) android app
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Sound Meter for Free

  • 552.05KB
  • Gwilherm Kerherve
  • Free

"Sound Meter" uses the build-in Microphone to measure the noise volume in decibel (dB) and the peak frequency in Hertz (...

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Sound Meter Free

  • 2.64 MB
  • Daniel Jesús Pérez García
  • Free

Sound Meter Free shows an awesome an accurate graphic with loudness. Works like a charm and very smoothly. Zero-configuration, wor...

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Sound Meter

  • 1.56 MB
  • Nvhoan Barem
  • Free

Sound Meter measures the sound pressure level using your phone's Microphone. It can measure noise volume in decibels(db), and ...