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SwipeToDismissUndo Demo app icon

SwipeToDismissUndo Demo

  • 623.49KB
  • Tim Roes
  • Free

SwipeToDismissUndo Demo android app download. *Note: The library is deprecated. Check out https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.timroes.android.listviewdemo*This is ...

Rating: star 4.8
Type: Tools
App ID: de.timroes.swipetodismiss.demo
Version: 1.2

SwipeToDismissUndo Demo android app
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TH-SwipeToDismiss Demo app icon

TH-SwipeToDismiss Demo

  • 48.68KB
  • Torry Harris
  • Free

Free silent dismissal android app download. Demo app to showcase the SwipeToDismiss Android FrameworkGitHub Link belowhttps://github.com/torryharris/TH-SwipeToDismiss

Rating: star 5
Type: Tools
App ID: com.thbs.swipetodismiss
Version: 1.0

TH-SwipeToDismiss Demo android app
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The Silent Age app icon

The Silent Age

  • 45.7 MB
  • House on Fire
  • Free

Prepare for an adventurous journey into a haunting future in which mankind has become extinct! The Silent Age is an atmospheric po...

Silent Selfie Camera app icon

Silent Selfie Camera

  • 1.57 MB
  • Dexati
  • Free

Silent Selfie Camera lets you take cool selfies in silence without bothering anyone or anyone noticing you are taking a selfie. Ar...

Silent Camera app icon

Silent Camera

  • 1.9 MB
  • Bunny Carrot
  • Free

Silent Camera the Free version.The paid version has no ads.- Silent Camera (Sound Mute) / self-camera enable!!- Frame shot (paid v...

Silent Submarine Career  app icon

Silent Submarine Career 

  • 8.30 MB
  • Free

Down Periscope! Surfacing! Were going to attack the enemy convoy!Silent Submarine: Convoy hunter is a naval arcade game where you ...

Camspy - the silent hidden cam app icon

Camspy - the silent hidden cam

  • 1.22 MB
  • Free

Camspy is the only Android mobile hidden silent camera recorder in the market that can actually take photos, record hi-definition ...

Silent Effective Camera app icon

Silent Effective Camera

  • 2.77 MB
  • fuate Co., Ltd.
  • Free

■What is "Silent Effective Camera"?"Silent Effective Camera" is a camera application that you can take some interesting photos fre...

FII Silent Recorder app icon

FII Silent Recorder

  • 218.27KB
  • flyable
  • Free

FiiRecorder is a background recorder, using little resource.The app is compatible with android 2.0 ~ android 4.3(and later).Featur...

Camera 360 Silent/Burst HD app icon

Camera 360 Silent/Burst HD

  • 599.2KB
  • Free

it's cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fast and user friendly Camera 360 Silent/Burst HD.✔ Able to take photo shots without shutter sound✔ ...