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Repentance and Forgiveness

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Repentance and Forgiveness android app download. This app contains the following, with references from quran and authentic ahadeeth: - Some beautiful methods to repent and erase o...

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Type: Books & Reference
App ID: com.admads.repentance.forgiveness
Version: 1.3

Repentance and Forgiveness android app
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Repentance in Islam

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Free repentance in islam android app download. Imaam Ibn Qayyim mentions:Repentance is the most noble and beloved form of obedience in the eyes of Allah Ta'ala. He loves tho...

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Type: Books & Reference
App ID: com.andromo.dev287394.app340369
Version: 1.0

Repentance in Islam android app
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Stories of Sahabas in Islam

  • 1.3 MB
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Praise be to Allah(swt) and peace & blessings be on his messenger Muhammad(pbuh).Stories of Sahaba's is a collection of 31 stories...

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Kalimas in Islam

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  • orangebd.com
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Assalamu walaikum, Thanks to The Almighty Allah who give us such an opportunity to build up an apps like “K...

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Islam In Brief

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  • Smarter Soft
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Islam In Brief (in English Language)Prepared by: Yasser Gabr & Houda KarkourA simplified Introduction to IslamA collection of ...

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Major Sins In Islam

  • 1.11 MB
  • Abdul Rahman Salam
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The major sins are those acts which have been forbidden by Allah in the Quran and by His Messenger (SAW) in the Sunnah (practise o...

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Jesus In Islam

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  • ideas4islam
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Who is Jesus and what did he teach from the Islamic perspective? Do Muslims accept his divinity, his prophethood, his miracles, or...

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Four Kuls in Islam Lite

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  • Unreal Android
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"Kuls in Islam" Lite includes Arabic text and English translation. Pro Version includes Audio for all Kuls. There are fo...

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Kamasutra in Islam

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  • Makrif Labs
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Kamasutra in Islam is knowledge Kamasutra in Islamic perspective in bahasa.

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Bidah - Innovation in Islam

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Undoubtedly Bid`ah (innovation) is the major cause for every evil seed that sprouts in the Muslim Ummah. There is not a single dev...