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Atemfrequenz-Messer für Hunde app icon

Atemfrequenz-Messer für Hunde

  • 3.64 MB
  • CEVA Santé Animale
  • Free

Atemfrequenz-Messer für Hunde android app download. Eine Herzerkrankung verursacht eine schnellere Atmung bei Ihrem Hund. Wenn Ihr Hund an einer Herzerkrankung leidet oder zu einer R...

Rating: star 4
Type: Medical
App ID: com.ceva.atemfrequenz
Version: 1.0

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Frequency Sound Generator app icon

Frequency Sound Generator

  • 121.05KB
  • José Morais
  • Free

Free quantum frequency android app download. This application generates audio tones from 1 to 20000 Hz. It is useful for: - Taking a hearing Test (test your friends and family...

Rating: star 4.4
Type: Tools
App ID: com.jm.android.frequencygenerator
Version: 1.41

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Favorite Frequencies app icon

Favorite Frequencies

  • 138.50KB
  • Favorite Android
  • Free

Favorite Frequencies generates tones from 4 - 22500 Hz. It can be used to measure your hearing range, as a mosquito repellent, to ...

Fréquence Radio FM app icon

Fréquence Radio FM

  • 228.52KB
  • Ulf Company
  • Free

Fréquence Radio FM est une application qui permet de trouver la liste des fréquences des radios FM diffusées près de chez vous.Uti...

Frequency Maker Pro app icon

Frequency Maker Pro

  • 596KB
  • Free

Software-frequency generator.Is easy to tune the instrument.Various experiments with a wide band of frequencies is available.Frequ...

Frequency Generator app icon

Frequency Generator

  • 208.13KB
  • Denis Joseph Barrow
  • Free

A simple audio frequency generator

Accelerometer Frequency app icon

Accelerometer Frequency

  • 579.70KB
  • Mark Pfluger
  • Free

Simple app for developers to display Accelerometer info and the frequency of Accelerometer events. Features * Display Acceleromet...

300 High Frequency Words DEMO app icon

300 High Frequency Words DEMO

  • 1.46 MB
  • Read Write Phonics
  • Free

300 High Frequency Words DEMO is a *demonstration* version including 40 of the 300 words in the full App. This is a great interact...

GRE High Frequency Flash Cards app icon

GRE High Frequency Flash Cards

  • 423.23KB
  • fRui Apps
  • Free

The GRE High Frequency Flash Cards App is a handy tool to memorize words. It helps the preparation of SAT, TOEFL, CAT etc. as well...

Quantum Cat Clock Game Lite app icon

Quantum Cat Clock Game Lite

  • 1.47 MB
  • Ennovation LLC.
  • Free

Quantum Cat Clock is a real cat clock themed with science. The classic story of Schrodinger's cat is the inspiration behind t...