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PrivatBrowse (4.1+) app icon

PrivatBrowse (4.1+)

  • 10.81 MB
  • Jonathan Precise Apps
  • Free

PrivatBrowse (4.1+) android app download. If you have a small memory phone or a high tech devicefeel the RARE ADVANTAGE – unfair to many, but very legal to you NOW -of havi...

Rating: star 4.5
Type: Productivity
App ID: com.jonathan.privatbrowse.newest
Version: 2.0

PrivatBrowse (4.1+) android app
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Privat Voice app icon

Privat Voice

  • 562.97KB
  • Privatbank
  • Free

Free privat voice android app download. Privat24 Voice для Android - система, позволяющая управлять финансовыми операциями через телефон без помощи рук, например, находяс...

Rating: star 2.5
Type: Finance
App ID: ua.privatbank.ivr
Version: 0.2

Privat Voice android app
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Voice SMS app icon

Voice SMS

  • 1.31 MB
  • Med2Med
  • Free

- GOOGLE VOICE SEARCH REQUIREDWho never wrote a text message while driving? This is very dangerous because it takes a lot more att...

Funny Voices app icon

Funny Voices

  • 359KB
  • Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets
  • Free

A sound will play when a voice/noise is too loud, on movement or on touch.Features-High quality sounds-Nice graphics-Highly ergono...

English voice for DVBeep app icon

English voice for DVBeep

  • 1.63 MB
  • DimonVideo
  • Free

This is an additional language pack for the speaking clock DVBeep version 4.3.5 or higher.No icons in the menu does not appear to ...

Voice Reminders app icon

Voice Reminders

  • 306KB
  • Kratz Industries
  • Free

This app lets you record temporary voice memos with your device, and displays a reminder in the notification area of your device t...

Just Say It!  Voice Party Game app icon

Just Say It! Voice Party Game

  • 2.12 MB
  • DecaDroid
  • Free

"Just Say It" is a party game app in which players compete by reciting various phrases into their mobile phones. Players score po...

Voice Plus app icon

Voice Plus

  • 54KB
  • Smart Mobile
  • Free

Allows you to set rules for which number dialed will use your Google Voice number. Specify rules based on area code or by contact...

Smart Visual Voice Mail app icon

Smart Visual Voice Mail

  • 833KB
  • PCCW
  • Free

Smart Visual Voice Mail service have voicemail downloaded from the system automatically and saved to their handsets.Special featur...

Idyacy PigLatin voice app icon

Idyacy PigLatin voice

  • 1.56 MB
  • CereProc Ltd
  • Free

FREE Pig Latin Text-To-Speech Synthesiser from Idyacy SolutionsType in a phrase, and hear it spoken back to you in Pig Latin!It wi...