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  • 1.27 MB
  • Rlink developer
  • Free

LinkHearingAid android app download. 사용하기 간편한 보청기 어플입니다.

Rating: star 0
Type: Health & Fitness
App ID: com.ecure.sommers.ui
Version: 1.0

LinkHearingAid android app
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Petralex Hearing aid

  • 3.01 MB
  • IT4YOU
  • Free

Free petralex hearing aid android app download. Petralex® is a hearing aid application based on your Android phone or tablet device, running same principles as conventional weara...

Rating: star 4.7
Type: Medical
App ID: com.it4you.petralex
Version: 2.1.0

Petralex Hearing aid android app
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Enhanced Hearing Amplifier Aid app icon

Enhanced Hearing Amplifier Aid

  • 1.38 MB
  • Pro Bitcoin Analysis
  • Free

Allows you to hear everything in the room significantly louder and more clearly than your ears do alone. The microphone picks up ...

Hearing Aide app icon

Hearing Aide

  • 2.21 MB
  • Grey Group Pte Ltd
  • Free

Hearing Aide is designed to simplify the lives of the hearing-impaired by alerting them about the key everyday sounds around them....

Smart Hearing Aid app icon

Smart Hearing Aid

  • 1.37 MB
  • MAA Apps
  • Free

Smart Hearing Aid helps people who have hearing impairment.First it determines hearing frequencies that you have problem with. The...

Hearing Aid Control app icon

Hearing Aid Control

  • 2.52 MB
  • Stellio
  • Free

This simple application allows control of any hearing aid supporting DTMF tone control, such as Starkeys "T² Remote" ena...

Noice Reducing Hearing Aid app icon

Noice Reducing Hearing Aid

  • 474.92KB
  • Ansalion
  • Free

BETATurn your phone into an hearing aid with this app! Using your phone's powerful processors, this app will reduce the amount...

Hearing Aids - Amplify Hearing app icon

Hearing Aids - Amplify Hearing

  • 5.70 MB
  • High Tech Vision Apps
  • Free

Increase your ears ability to hear sounds and noises. This simple app works by picking up sounds in the room on the phones built ...

Hearing Enhancer Hearing Aid app icon

Hearing Enhancer Hearing Aid

  • 1.39 MB
  • Advanced Camera Vision Apps
  • Free

Significantly Increase your ability to hear. Attach headphones and let your phones microphone enhance and amplify all the sounds ...

Hearing Aid app icon

Hearing Aid

  • 210.77KB
  • Guides
  • Free

Present day small assistive hearing devices are thought titans of contemporary technology, however they really go as far back 1000...