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myFormulas (BMI, Pythagoras..) app icon

myFormulas (BMI, Pythagoras..)

  • 45.81KB
  • Metrafonic Media Group
  • Free

myFormulas (BMI, Pythagoras..) android app download. myFormulas is the best way of keeping track of those tricky formulas and automationg them for you. Very useful for students and ev...

Rating: star 4
Type: Productivity
App ID: com.metrafonic.myformulas
Version: 1.1

myFormulas (BMI, Pythagoras..) android app
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PCM Formulas

  • 7.75 MB
  • MS Development
  • Free

Free pcm formulas android app download. PCM Formulas serves as a quick reference for all your formula needs, helps you learn and revise formulas quickly, it's intuiti...

Rating: star 4
Type: Education
App ID: msdevelopment.pcmformulas
Version: 5.6

PCM Formulas android app
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Free Physics Formula Sheet

  • 397KB
  • Score 300
  • Free

This is the free version of Physics Formula Sheet, to get all the formulas ad free buy the full version of Physics Formula Sheet.P...

Maths Differentiation Formulas app icon

Maths Differentiation Formulas

  • 1.84 MB
  • Shankar Mukund
  • Free

The following differentiation formulas are included in this application.1) Derivative definition.2) Basic Properties.3) Mean Value...

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Physics Formulas

  • 315KB
  • ktclear
  • Free

These are very useful Physics Formulas that serve as a quick reference.With this application you can use your travel time to study...

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Crazy Formula

  • 6.94 MB
  • Appgeneration
  • Free

Ever thought of becoming a famous scientist? We have got the perfect formula for you to start with!The science here is for you to ...

Quadratic Formula Calculator app icon

Quadratic Formula Calculator

  • 1.33 MB
  • Bell Design
  • Free

This is a quadratic formula calculator which can be used to find x when you have a quadratic equation in the form of (ax^2 + bx + ...

Formula 1 Calendar 2013 app icon

Formula 1 Calendar 2013

  • 3.78 MB
  • Max Busko
  • Free

New F1 Calendar for 2013 seasonAvailable version F1 Calendar without advertising☆ Live Timing☆ Ability to set reminders☆ Standin...

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  • 5.36 MB
  • fabric17
  • Free

A useful and quick list of more than 750 MOST IMPORTANT mathematical formulas. Algebra , general math , geometry, trigonometry, li...

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Formula 1 Info

  • 2.03 MB
  • FarSight Studios
  • Free

Formula 1 Information, News and Media all here at your fingertips! No need for trawling the internet or YouTube any longer. Direct...