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  • 66.20KB
  • xDevelop - Bernhard W├Ârndl-Aichriedler
  • Free

AndropodClient android app download. Client to the AndropodServer for the AndropodInterface device

Rating: star 4
Type: Communication
App ID: com.freaknet
Version: 1.0

AndropodClient android app
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LensDroid Mud Client

  • 950.50KB
  • Pedlar
  • Free

Free lensdroid mud client android app download. LensDroid is a MUD Client built around Lensmoor. It has JavaScript support for scripting complex functions, as well as sending out...

Rating: star 4.1
Type: Tools
App ID: net.lensmoor.lensmoorclient
Version: 2.5

LensDroid Mud Client android app
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BlowTorch MUD Client app icon

BlowTorch MUD Client

  • 2.85 MB
  • Happy Goat Studios
  • Free

BlowTorch is a basic telnet client that supports the following features that people find helpful for playing MUDs. MCCP Compressio...

Mukluk MUD Client app icon

Mukluk MUD Client

  • 474.25KB
  • Dan Caprine
  • Free

Mukluk is a client designed for use with your favorite MUD, MUSH, MUCK, MOO or similar online text-based world.* Connect to multip...

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TMO Mud-Client (Alpha)

  • 707.99KB
  • TotalMadOwnage
  • Free

** TEXT-BASED GAME CLIENT** ONLINE MULTI-PLAYER ** ALPHA VERSIONTwo servers are included:In NETRUNNERS you play a hacker in Cybers...

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Liquid Mud Client

  • 75.53KB
  • APK Multi-Tools
  • Free

This is a Telnet Client to use to Play your Favorite MUDD.This is my First Attempt at Building a Telnet Client to please bare in m...