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  • 46.8 MB
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AvatarTraining android app download. You can change your avatar body through 3 types of Avatar & Training exercises: running, sit-ups and push-ups. For normal body typ...

Rating: star 4
Type: Health & Fitness
App ID: com.uangel.avatartraining
Version: 1.3

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KATAKANA Training free

  • 378KB
  • STUDIO Via-Rex
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Free katakana training android app download. This app helps you to practice katakana strokes with models.Choose a character and you can start practicing now.Trace by following...

Rating: star 2.1
Type: Education
App ID: air.KATAKANATrainingfree
Version: 1.0.2

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Katakana Training Drill【FREE】

  • 1.22 MB
  • RaptorBooks
  • Free

For all Japanese learners!This App is Quiz training for Japanese Katakana characters.You can easily master Japanese Katakana chara...

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Katakana Typing Trainer

  • 9.75 MB
  • Eiko Solutions
  • Free

Katakana Typing Trainer - it's not just a simple and fun game to remember katakana, the Japanese alphabets, but japanese keybo...

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Chibipan! KATAKANA Training!

  • 6.31 MB
  • Curry the Panda
  • Free

Let's touch the Japanese KATAKANA button same meaning the voice!