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DashAnalytics for Dashclock

  • 2.45 MB
  • Madhur Ahuja
  • Free

DashAnalytics for Dashclock android app download. DashAnalytics is an extension for DashClock Widget - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.nurik.roman.dashclockIf you...

Rating: star 3.8
Type: Productivity
App ID: in.co.madhur.ganalyticsdashclock
Version: 1.4

DashAnalytics for Dashclock android app
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BatteryDash for DashClock app icon

BatteryDash for DashClock

  • 835.53KB
  • katzoft
  • Free

Free dashanalytics for dashclock android app download. BatteryDash is your one stop shop that allows you to keep an eye on your battery and avoid being caught short.Formerly known as Ba...

Rating: star 3.4
Type: Personalization
App ID: com.katzoft.dashclock.extension.battery
Version: 2.3.1

BatteryDash for DashClock android app
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Daily Quotes for DashClock app icon

Daily Quotes for DashClock

  • 347.68KB
  • BrianCo
  • Free

What's missing from DashClock? Daily inspirational (and funny) famous quotes! Daily Quotes for DashClock will provide a rand...

DashClock Extension for Pocket app icon

DashClock Extension for Pocket

  • 396.83KB
  • Emma Guy
  • Free

When you can clearly see how many you have left to read, it encourages you to read them and get that number down!Please note, this...

WorldClock for DashClock app icon

WorldClock for DashClock

  • 168.54KB
  • BrennaSoft
  • Free

WorldClock for DashClock is an extension for DashClock that let's you add a world clock to your lock screen. Easily see what t...

Pebble Battery for DashClock app icon

Pebble Battery for DashClock

  • 4.08 MB
  • Jérémie Laval
  • Free

** You should reinstall the watchapp from the settings activity if updating **An extension to display your Pebble (with >2.0 fi...

Arcus Weather For DashClock app icon

Arcus Weather For DashClock

  • 756.77KB
  • Kushan Jayatilleke
  • Free

****** This app is no longer supported.******Please check out the full version of Arcus which includes all functionality of this a...

Sound Search for DashClock app icon

Sound Search for DashClock

  • 19.94KB
  • Jeremy Steckling
  • Free

*NOTE* Shazam has updated it's app and this no longer works for shazam. A fix is not planned.Sound Search for DashClock is an ...

Plume extension for DashClock app icon

Plume extension for DashClock

  • 53.70KB
  • LevelUp Studio
  • Free

Plume for DashClock is a simple plugin for Roman Nurik's DashClock that let you see the count of unreads tweets in Plume.The c...

Fast Reboot for DashClock app icon

Fast Reboot for DashClock

  • 164.77KB
  • Great Bytes Software
  • Free

NOTE: This app is a extension for DashClock widget. You will also need to have either Fast Reboot (free) or Fast Reboot Pro instal...