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BluetoothHelper 4 AudioPlayer app icon

BluetoothHelper 4 AudioPlayer

  • 19.67KB
  • Reiner Pröls
  • Free

BluetoothHelper 4 AudioPlayer android app download. This is a helper app foy my AudioPlayer app. It enables AudioPlayerto select and connect automatically to Bluetooth devices.!!! TH...

Rating: star 4.5
Type: Tools
App ID: com.bytemystery.bluetoothhelper
Version: 1.2

BluetoothHelper 4 AudioPlayer android app
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BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge Demo app icon

BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge Demo

  • 895.38KB
  • TEC-IT
  • Free

Free bluetooth wedge android app download. BluePiano automates data-entry. This keyboard wedge injects captured Bluetooth SPP data into arbitrary apps: the data appears as e...

Rating: star 4
Type: Business
App ID: com.tecit.android.bluepiano.demo
Version: 1.4.2

BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge Demo android app
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Bluetooth Device Picker app icon

Bluetooth Device Picker

  • 532KB
  • ligi
  • Free

Project which offers an action to pick a bluetooth device. Exposes the action PICK_BLUETOOTH_DEVICE to start the BluetoothDeviceLi...

Bluetooth Toggle Widget app icon

Bluetooth Toggle Widget

  • 15KB
  • Rounded Labs
  • Free

Home screen widget that toggles bluetooth on/off-Uses only a single home screen cell space-Quickly toggle bluetooth, no need to op...

Bluetooth remote control(Lite) app icon

Bluetooth remote control(Lite)

  • 6.21 MB
  • shakej
  • Free

:: Android devices Android devices to control! ::Bluetooth remote control (Bluetooth Remote Controller)!: Android devices dugaeyi ...

Bluetooth On/Off app icon

Bluetooth On/Off

  • 2.37 MB
  • Free

★★★★★ Finally Here ★★★★★ ✰✰✰✰✰ The Only One-Click App That Turns Your Bluetooth On/Off ✰✰✰✰✰ ☞ http://digg.com: "amazing. finally ...

Bluetooth on Call app icon

Bluetooth on Call

  • 44KB
  • Futon Redemption
  • Free

Bluetooth on Call automatically turns on Bluetooth when you are on a phone call. It turns it off once you hang up to save power.Fe...

Bluetooth Reconnector app icon

Bluetooth Reconnector

  • 73KB
  • VV-MasteR
  • Free

Have you ever suffered connection problems with your headset or you should always connect your phone and headset manually? Then th...

Bluetooth GPS Provider app icon

Bluetooth GPS Provider

  • 32KB
  • Michael Chourdakis
  • Free

This tool allows you use your external Bluetooth GPS to send its data to any GPS application that can select the provider."Mock Lo...

Bluetooth mic test app icon

Bluetooth mic test

  • 49KB
  • Thierry Schork
  • Free

Do you ever wondered how your brand new BT headset or hands free was performing ?I did, and this small, quickly pieced together ap...