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  • 5.99 MB
  • NOTTY Developer
  • Free

BadmintonTricks android app download. BadmintonTricks & Tips Badminton is a fun sport and a great form of exercise. To be a knockout badminton player, you have to h...

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Type: Sports
App ID: com.atdev.badmintontricks
Version: 1.0

BadmintonTricks android app
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Baffling Card Tricks

  • 6.88 MB
  • Replayism
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Free baffling card tricks android app download. Baffle your friends and family (and even yourself!) by learning this collection of simple-to-perform yet mentally excruciating to ...

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Type: Entertainment
App ID: com.willkwan.card.tricks
Version: 1.1

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Card Tricks

  • 769.26KB
  • VeOs
  • Free

Collection of card tricks. With this program you can impress your friends by interesting card tricks.I'm will be happy if you&...

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Magic Card Trick

  • 443KB
  • JeroenvanLogten
  • Free

Choose a card and try to remember it.

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Spell Cards Tricks

  • 17.19 MB
  • Ruduit Games
  • Free

Spell Cardsyou will do magic.With a simple tap and it will read out the stored letter in your mind!Choose a letter mentally, think...

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Magic Cards Tricks

  • 4.09 MB
  • Free

Surprise your family and friends with quick and fast Magic Cards Tricks!Train your brain, learn Magic Card tricks and amaze others...

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Magic Card Transporter Trick

  • 41.64KB
  • Mateo Marquez
  • Free

The magic card transporter trick is an application which is to be used with a deck of cards. The deck of cards is obviously not i...

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Magic & Card Tricks

  • 1.29 MB
  • Apps Unleashed
  • Free

Download this Free Magic and Card tricks App to learn everything about how to do card tricks and magic card tricks. There’s a cont...

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Magic Card Tricks

  • 575.21KB
  • Androprey
  • Free

Entertain yourself and your friends by watching amazing magic card trick videos performed by many different people around the worl...

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Magic Card Tricks

  • 2.30 MB
  • Gexton
  • Free

There are 21 cards dealt on the screen in 3 different columns, you have to select one card in your mind of the particular type (i....