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AndroidStopWatch(free) app icon


  • 247.41KB
  • Hu Naihe
  • Free

AndroidStopWatch(free) android app download. Stopwatch is a life of appliances and an exercise helper software.Stopwatch can be used as an auxiliary tool in your life.One pers...

Rating: star 4
Type: Tools
App ID: com.androidstopwatchfree
Version: 1.0

AndroidStopWatch(free) android app
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Android Wear - Smartwatch app icon

Android Wear - Smartwatch

  • 26.58 MB
  • Google Inc.
  • Free

Free android wear smartwatch android app download. Download this app to connect your Android Wear smartwatch with your Android phone. Android Wear watches let you: • Choose fr...

Rating: star 4.5
Type: Communication
App ID: com.google.android.wearable.app

Android Wear - Smartwatch android app
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OneNote for Android Wear app icon

OneNote for Android Wear

  • 3.17 MB
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Free

We are adding a new way for you to interact with OneNote on Android devices: your watch. Simply say "Take a note" and st...

Wear Store for Android Wear app icon

Wear Store for Android Wear

  • 2.41 MB
  • GoKo
  • Free

You got a new smartwatch with Android™ Wear and don't know any apps running on it?Try out the Wear Store.With this app you&#39...

Minion Massacre (Android Wear) app icon

Minion Massacre (Android Wear)

  • 9.55 MB
  • shortCode
  • Free

Experience the lovable Minion characters on your Android Wear smart watch.The cute, lovable, yellow creature from Despicable Me lo...

Kiwi for Android Wear app icon

Kiwi for Android Wear

  • 7.09 MB
  • Kiwi Wearable Technologies Ltd.
  • Free

Kiwi for Android Wear lets you control your phone by moving your hand while your phone stays in your pocket. Choose from motions l...

Volume Controller:Android Wear app icon

Volume Controller:Android Wear

  • 2.74 MB
  • Oleksiy Martynov
  • Free

Adjust phone volume from your Android Wear device.Start the Android Wear app by saying "start Volume Controller" on you...

@here for Android Wear app icon

@here for Android Wear

  • 3.02 MB
  • DepollSoft
  • Free

Important: This app requires an Android Wear smart watch.Have you ever been at a new location and needed to tell a friend where th...

Paddle Pro : Android Wear app icon

Paddle Pro : Android Wear

  • 2.71 MB
  • Oleksiy Martynov
  • Free

A classic paddle ball game for Android Wear devices.Now you can also play on your mobile devices.Note:Horizontal swipe to the righ...

Android Wear Tic Tac Toe app icon

Android Wear Tic Tac Toe

  • 2.87 MB
  • scoutant.org
  • Free

The famous Tic Tac Toe game on your Android Wear watch.You win if you are the first to place 3 marks in a line.1) play against the...